Back from the dead

I know. I should know better. And I should.

And I know. I should have been quicker getting back online. And I should have.

But I didn't. And I wasn't.

And now I'm finally back from the dead.

I lost the first version of this blog - a self-hosted Wordpress install - when my hosting company lost the database and the backup of the database, which was stupidly stored on the same drive. After ridding myself of them, I moved over to a hand-crafted Django blog hosted by Slicehost. Like an idiot, I didn't spring for the $5 backups because Slicehost had a great reputation and ridiculous levels of redundancy.

So of course they had a catastrophic raid failure. Blog, gone again.

I've been busy since the crash. I'll write about it soon. Needless to say, I now pay for the backups -- Slicehost was exceptionally apologetic and I enthusiastically keep my business with them -- and I have my own backups stored elsewhere.

What's changed? Running Django 1.0. Static media hosted on Amazon S3. A vastly simplified structure. And plans for more features.

A lame first post for being gone so long, but it's after my bedtime. More to come soon.

By: Matt Waite | Posted: Jan. 17, 2009 | Tags: Personal | 2 comments