Twitter, marketing and the devil

Everything you need to know about using Twitter for marketing and PR is at this very descriptive url:

That’s right: Don’t. Don’t use Twitter for marketing.


Let me draw a comparison for you: What would you call someone who uses a program to automatically send you an annoying volume of email? A spammer. So what makes you think that because it’s 140 characters and on some trendy web service that blasting away with soulless and automatic links isn’t spam?

So that’s why I say automated means to add content ...

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The luxury of losing your whole site twice to server failures is that you get to pick and choose which of your old posts gets restored. So, with that in mind, I've restored some of the 2007 posts that were still relevant, including the original announcement of PolitiFact (here). If you're really bored, here's the by-month archive of them.

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Data = Content: Content = Data

Mark Potts had some nice things to say about the new version of PolitiFact that we recently launched. But one of the things he wrote I wanted to amplify:

None of this really looks like traditional journalism. The Obameter doesn't follow conventional story formats in any way, and is really a hybrid between data, reporting, news and information presentation. We need to see a lot more of this. There are a many different ways to tell a story, especially online, and the more experimentation we see with journalism forms, the faster the state of the art will evolve and ...

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A warning to Feedburner subscribers

If you're reading this via RSS feed, you might want to check which one. A while back, I thought it would be cool to know how many RSS subscribers I had so I added my feed to Feedburner. Given that the latest updates took more than 24 hours to appear in the Feedburner feed, I'm discontinuing it.

The new feed address is here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Back from the dead

I know. I should know better. And I should.

And I know. I should have been quicker getting back online. And I should have.

But I didn't. And I wasn't.

And now I'm finally back from the dead.

I lost the first version of this blog - a self-hosted Wordpress install - when my hosting company lost the database and the backup of the database, which was stupidly stored on the same drive. After ridding myself of them, I moved over to a hand-crafted Django blog hosted by Slicehost. Like an idiot, I didn't spring for the $5 ...

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