The key lesson I learned building PolitiFact: Demos, not memos

So there was a little news around here lately. PolitiFact won a Pulitzer Prize. To say I'm still in shock is an understatement. A week later, it doesn't seem real.

All week long, we've been talking about how PolitiFact started, how it all came together. It's been fun remembering how it started out with Bill Adair having an idea and me having an idea on how we could pull it off. The crude mock-ups, the development environment on a box that was headed for the trash. I still can't believe we did it. But out ...

By: Matt Waite | Posted: April 27, 2009 | Tags: Journalism, Personal, Django | 10 comments

Telling the Google Bot no

On every web project I've worked, one of the key/top/vital priorities was to make sure that Google could index every single last word of the site so that if someone was searching for what we had, they'd find it. My most recent project turned that on its head.

What if you don't want Google to index everything? What if you only want Google to index this, but not that?

The project where this came up was Tampa Bay Mug Shots, a site that displays the mug shots of people booked into county jails in three ...

By: Matt Waite | Posted: April 12, 2009 | Tags: Journalism | 3 comments